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A yacht offers the amenities of a luxury 5 star hotel plus stunning views in every direction and an element of privacy and security that can’t otherwise be had. On a yacht at a marina with locked gates and security cameras and a crew member on watch all night, you can sleep better.  And you wake up looking at a new landscape, which you can’t do in a hotel.


Many cruisers like to begin their trip in St. Barths, an eight square mile volcanic rock whose hillsides are dotted with open-air homes with gaily colored roofs. In the height of the season, the outer harbor of the island’s main city, Gustavia, is crammed with luxury yachts.  White, sandy crescent beaches right the island, and many are accessible only by boat.


St. Barths has a Hollywood-movie quality that feels a throwback to another era.  Eden Rock, which perches high stop outcropping in St. Jean Bay, was the first hotel built in St. Barths it epitomizes the sense of glamour that marked its heyday when Greta Garbo and Howard Hughes rubbed elbows with the Rockefellers and the Rothchilds.


New Year’s reservations at Nikki Beach, a beach club on the St. Jean Beach, are a must for some.


The Dutch/French Island of St. Maarten is another preferred stop on the itinerary , particularly the French side, where excellent bars and restaurants abound.  The fishing village of Grand Cae is widely considered the gourmet capital of the Caribbean.


Grand Case sits on a tranquil bay that’s perfect for water skiing and is also home to Creole Rock, a landmark for snorkeling and Orient Beach, a long stretch of sand that faces east, is famous for its breezes and calm seas.  The yellow umbrellas on the far side of the beach demarcate the clothing optional section.


For lunch, take the tender to Ilet Pinel, a sliver of land just off the coast, and enjoy the grilled fish or the creole chicken served at Le arabuni, which means “welcome” in Swahili.


And to wind down your trip, Anguilla, with its outstanding beaches, is as laid-back as you can get.  The aquamarine waters of Rendezvous Bay are perfect for getting in a swim and socking up rays.  Be sure to visit Scilly Cay, an island in the center of Island Harbor.  Because it has no electricity, the food is by definition incredibly fresh.  Try the grilled fish or chicken, served on a bed of grape leaves with fresh fruit.  


Yachts are increasingly targeting families with an impressive array of water toys, ranging from sport fishing boats to tenders for water skiing, jet skis, paddle boards and parasails and trampolines to keep kids entertained.  Crews will engage the youngsters in island treasure hunts or sand castle contests, or tow them on floats behind.


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